Other Information

Temporary Residents

You are able to consult a doctor anywhere in the UK if you are away from home and in need of medical attention. You can do this by asking to see a doctor as a temporary resident. We will also be happy to see friends or relatives who may need a doctor while staying in the area.

Special Examinations / Medicals

Special examinations or medicals can be arranged for insurance, driving, employment, sport or public service requirements. Please make a special appointment via reception. A fee may be required for certain examination/medical services. A list of fees is available on request.

Telephone Calls

To avoid distractions during consultations, reception staff are instructed to take messages or suggest a time when it is more convenient to speak to a member of the clinical staff.

Car Parking

The practice is situated underneath Tesco trinity square; you can use the allocated bays within the car park which are for the health centre. There is a maximum stay of 4 hours.

Prescription/Medication Delivery

Prescription and medications can be delivered to your door by many local pharmacies. This service is available if you are terminally ill, housebound or genuinely too ill to attend your pharmacy. Please contact your local pharmacy for information on this service.


We firmly believe that preventing illness is better that trying to control or cure it. The practice has an extensive range of leaflets available on health-related topics.

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