Patient Survey Results

Patient participation group report 2013/14

The report providing the discussion from our patient participating group firstly is that we carried out a large scale survey over a cross section of the population of patients. This meant that the response would be from a diversity of patients, including categories such as over 65’s, housebound, young persons, young mothers and patients suffering from Chronic Disease. The method of serving which we chose as a practice was a family tree which was broken down into sections such as the trunk being the patient and the numerous leaves around being used to capture the views and suggestions from all of the patient population. This method chosen was new for us as a practice and we felt this way would be most effective in gaining the best possible outcome as we realised ordinary questionnaires had not been as successful in the past years.

The patient participation leaves were handed out to patients via different sections of their healthcare meaning the Practice Nurse, Health care assistant, Community Matrons, GP’s and general reception staff. This meant that the survey would be able to reach all aspects of our patient population. To asses and analyse the findings within our survey we used a ‘you said we did’ approach towards the information collected. This meant we produced a document that showed patents suggestions and then the actions taken by ourselves, we have displayed this within our waiting area for patients to view. Here are listings of our findings:



Requesting a female GP

As a practice we noticed a trend that the patients were suggesting we offered a female GP surgery. Therefore we now have a full time female GP partner working for us 8 sessions per week over 4 days.

In house x-ray facilities

Patients within the practice suggested that we had an in-house x-ray facility where patients could attend the doctor’s surgery and also attend x-ray appointments on the same day. We currently have this facility now within the building we are working in and this is available 5 days a week.

Extended surgery’s, offering later appointments

Patients requested having a later surgery within the week that would allow a wider range of appointment times. For this request we then put on a late surgery on a Wednesday for both GP and the Practice nurse.

Additional GP’s that means more of a choice

Finally another finding was that patients wanted more choice of GP, therefore we now have a full time GP who has joined us permanently.

Housebound patients requesting better access to equipment services

This suggestion was raised from the housebound patients as they felt they could not access this service direct, they felt that they were left with equipment in their homes which was of no use to them. The practice has been working with the Clinical Commissioning Group and they are now looking at new equipment service for the patients.

Statement Report 12/13 Part 1

Findings of Practice Survey – Key Area’s to Consider

  • Patients requested more availability to access late appointments for Practice Nurses
  • Requested a separate telephone line for repeat prescriptions
  • Lady GP
  • As we provided them with information regarding our new relocation of our practice, they requested to access more secondary care services within the centre

Statement Report 12/13 Part 1

Millennium Family Practice is engaging with the CCG (Norah Stevens) as a pilot practice to receive and inform patients via our PRG. We have devised a family tree and the trunk being the patient and all the leaves are patients feed back to primary care to what services we can provide and improve the quality i.e. social care/clinical care. We will use this method to capture house bound and all diversity of patients. We can (improve quality) work together to improve the quality of care to our patients.

We arranged a mail drop in August 12 to every house hold in which we provided surveys for what services the patient would like to see offered in our new primary care centre (posted these results on our website) we will provide another mail drop on April 8th as our relocation date is April 15th this is to ensure that the information is fresh in the patients minds.

The actions we have taken from the survey results are as follows:

  • Employed a second practice nurse and provided late night nurse appointments Monday – Friday.
  • We allocated one afternoon per week for house bound patients to have chronic disease monitoring carried out by the nurse.
  • We provided a separate telephone line for prescription requests to free up more availability on the surgeries main telephone lines.
  • A female GP will be in post May 12 as we will have appropriate building space to accommodate another GP.
  • In general meetings with the CCG’s we have now been informed of x-ray facilities which will be available for the patients to access in our new build primary care centre.

Patient Survey Results 2013

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Patient Survey Results - March 2012

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